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Week 14 started out on a message board called Earth 2 Edd in late 2009 as a forum game, which died shortly afterwards. It was revived in 2010, and is currently still alive and doing well. Originally, it was derived from a timeline also on the same message board, but eventually morphed into a forum game. From there, it morphed into the forum game today, and has been the basis for several short stories and has a well-deserved, albeit small, amount of popularity as of now.
World of W14

A map of Week 14 in 2028

For such humble origins, a novel is being made about the outbreak (The Walkers Syndrome, as it was eventually dubbed by the creator of the series) and is due for publication most likely in 2014, or 2015 at the latest. The novel will include both of the original games and will also include many of the short stories, which are hosted on a Week 14 DeviantArt account as of now, found here. These short stories have several authors, all of whom have participated in the Week 14 forum game and Week 14-related projects.

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