In the year 2026, Group 13 is clearing a path for Chicago, a safe haven where humans may be able, or already, reside. The game never actually said the status of the city, or much of anything, due to its nature of starting out with next to nothing, in the middle of nowhere.

Group 13 mainly consisted of, Colton, Gokua, Roasty, Gamma, Wolf (Undecided), Dedledorf, and GP (Green Prince). The characters were OCs of members of the forum the game started on, and it was the first Week 14 development.

In the post-apocalyptic world, society has nearly collapsed. Group 13 has been able to keep control of a city, called, New America. Group 13's mission was to clear an exodus to Chicago. The game begins with Group 13, running into Wolf. He referenced to another time where he met them.

At the time, Wolf was heading for Washington, believing his parents may be there. Despite his hopes, Colton denies it and tells Wolf all there is zombies and rubble.

Wolf objected this information, and disagreed. Colton offered help, Wolf denied his insisting yet again and walked away. Meanwhile, Dedledorf is with Gamma and Gokua, searching for a radio signal, but to no avail.

Hours later, Group 13 was in a box car. Silence being interrupted by large sounds. Out of nowhere, an Alpha-Male grabbed Gamma.

Gamma spots the Shambler, giving her some kind of signal. She looks to her hands, her finger was on the trigger. She shoots, driving the beast off. This was further went into in the sequel reboot, but never in the game.


A Week Later, GP is accidentally left behind, and is last seen yelling something at the car Group 13 escaped in.

The game is stopped, due to a large hiatus, and being restarted in June 2010.

Thus, the original game of Week 14 never ended.