I've decided we need uniformity between articles, so here's how I want things to be done. This is how all articles should be formatted, find the appropriate format for your article, and make it according to that. This will be updated as time goes on, and if information for a section isn't available, just skip it.


For Locations, we have two things, Nations and Cities, for now. I will explain how each should be done.


A brief history and analyzation of the nation, first.

An info box by the intro, with:

  • A map
  • Date Established
  • Government System
  • Political Figures
  • National Anthem
  • Official Language
  • Demonym
  • Population
  • Military
  • National Motto

After that info box, I want:

  1. History
  1. Government
  1. Geography and Population
  1. Economy
  1. Military
  1. Culture
  1. Modern Problems


For cities, I want an intro like for Nations. Then, an info box with:

  • A Map Showing where it is in the nation
  • Population
  • Size

And then I want:

  1. History
  2. Population
  3. Economy
  4. Notable Problems
  5. Notable Residents


Characters will be 100% uniform. For Characters, I want a brief bio of them, with an info box containing:

  • Image (If possible) of them
  • Birthdate
  • Birthplace
  • Deathdate (If there)
  • Deathplace
  • Notable Family Members
  • Affiliation
  • Accomplishments
  • First Appearance
  • Last Appearance (To Date)

Then, I want:

  1. Biography (Pre-Outbreak, Outbreak, Post-Outbreak)
  1. Appearance
  1. Personality


Organizations will be formated with a brief overview, then an infobox containing:

  • Image of their Logo/Mascot/Etc.
  • Formation of the Group
  • Splitting of the Group
  • Affiliations
  • Notable Members
  • Goals
  • Notable Accomplishments

Then, I want:

  1. History
  1. Beliefs
  1. Notable Members
  1. Any Controversies