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    May 25, 2011 by Overseer 0042
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    To vote for the featured Article, just select which article you think should be the featured article of the month. Voting closes February, 5th, 2011. Vote in the comment box with what article you think deserves to be the Featured Article. The featured article and the runner up will both be featured on our home page, and you have two votes.

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    I've decided we need uniformity between articles, so here's how I want things to be done. This is how all articles should be formatted, find the appropriate format for your article, and make it according to that. This will be updated as time goes on, and if information for a section isn't available, just skip it.

    For Locations, we have two things, Nations and Cities, for now. I will explain how each should be done.

    A brief history and analyzation of the nation, first.

    An info box by the intro, with:

    • A map
    • Date Established
    • Government System
    • Political Figures
    • National Anthem
    • Official Language
    • Demonym
    • Population
    • Military
    • National Motto

    After that info box, I want:

    1. History
    1. Government
    1. Geography and Population
    1. Economy
    1. Military
    1. Culture
    1. Modern Problems

    For cities, I w…

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    I'm a bit surprised, too, to be honest, but extremely happy. I didn't think making this Wiki would go over as easily as it has so far. So yeah, I made the Week 14 franchise. I'm the Master of Reality and Dominator of Canon, or something like that. I pretty much run the show, I can just point and say "You die" to a character and he dies in the canon. I can bring a cannon into the canon and kill some canon character, with a cannon. Now that's a mouthfull.

    Anywhom, I'll be using this blog mainly for two things. Updates on the progress of the 13 Weeks novel, which should be finally published in 2014 or 2015. So far progress is going well on it. I'll also be using this blog to post new ideas that haven't been voted as canon by the other three who …

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