The Deserter is a Week 14 side-story about the city of New Chicago and a serial killer that resided in it in the year 2028. It was written by Colton and can be read in full here. Spoilers for it are ahead.

Plot and CharactersEdit

The city of New Chicago's NCPD - New Chicago Police Department - has been keeping the city crime-free for nearly two years, but occasionally, criminals slip through the system and become big. The Deserter is one such criminal, killing over thirty individuals. Ann Smith and Frank O'Harris were put on the case of him, after a murder was witnessed by Mickey Smith.

The Deserter himself was eventually tracked down to the rad-slums of New Chicago, and was narrowed down to Micheal Giovoni and Jack O'Rielly after some investigations. The detectives found that O'Rielly was responsible, and hunted him down, before finding that in reality wasn't him, but six men with him as a ringleader.

Ann was a victim of attempted rape during the gunfight, but the bar O'Rielly owned (and ran his operations from) was burned down, and police and firemen arrived, to back-up the detectives.

This led to the formation of the Royal Detectives, the best crime-solvers in New Chicago.


The characters in the Deserter are so-far only in it, and no other side-stories. They are:

  • Frank O'Harris, a NCPD Detective, and the main protaganist.
  • Ann Smith, Frank's partner Detective, and a secondary protaganist.
  • Jack O'Rielly, the ringleader of the cannibals.
  • Micheal Cornswith, the man who attempted raping Ann.
  • Mickey Smith, who witnessed one of the crimes.
  • Micheal Giovonni, a member of the Church of the Holy Dead who was accused.