Likely somewhere in Louisiana
Approx. September, 2026
New Orleans area
Ronaldo is a deceased character in the Week 14 RPG created by User:Kirkland22.


Week 14 RPG


Little is known about Ronaldo's past, but what is known is that he was a loner wandering around in the New Orleans area without a permanent home. He claimed that he had barely escaped his hometown when the zombies invaded it and that his entire family and friends were caught in the middle of it. His efforts had been to find food, water, and shelter.

Death & Previous to DeathEdit

Ronaldo, lacking food, water, and shelter, entered the shack that Sam Jackson was in to ask for the aforementioned nourishments. After not making any progress, he left the shack and was subdued by a man who was concerned that he did something to Sam. Ronaldo denied this, and ran off.

In Ronaldo's dizzy and nourishment-lacking state, he clumsily tried to reload his bullets when he saw zombies approaching him. An accidental trigger-pulling while his gun was temporarily aimed at himself saw Ronaldo shot in the head, his death an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound.