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35,000 (estimate)
14 square miles
Minot is the capital city of the nation New Central Canada, located in the division New Dakota. Minot is the second most populated city in New Central Canada, following the city of Regina in New Saskatchewan. As well as being the capital city and head of government and military for the nation, Minot is also the cultural and economic center of the nation; geographically placed in the very middle of the nation to maintain this title.


Minot, New Dakota did not change a great deal from its position as a city in the former U.S. state of North Dakota, other than becoming the capital of New Central Canada. Minot was originally founded in 1886 upon the construction of the Great Northern Railway. The city was nicknamed “The Magic City” due to the fact that it “magically” sprang up overnight as a massive tent-camp on its first day of existence. After the zombie outbreak, it retains the title of “The Magic City”.

Minot has, in the past, suffered from a severe flood in the 1960s, a train derailment that spread hazardous chemicals in 2002, and a devastating fire in 2017. The city, like “magic”, sprang back up after these disasters quickly.

When the zombie outbreak began in 2026, Minot was considered to be "spared" from the full affects. The virus refrained from spreading up to North Dakota severely, however, areas in southern and eastern North Dakota were significantly affected. Minot, on the other hand, was out of reach of the virus's spread. Minot's mayor dubbed the city, "Modern-Day Milan", in remembrance of the Bubonic Plague and Milan, Italy's avoidance of the plague.

Currently, Minot remains quite similar to its former state pre-outbreak and operates normally.


The population of Minot is 35,000, approximately, as of the rough 2027 census, relatively the same population as it had before the outbreak. The majority of the city is white, with more than 90% of its citizens being white. These people are mostly from Germanic or Scandinavian ancestry. The people of Minot have retained their religious principles from before the outbreak, as most are Christian. Other religions the population holds are surpassed by Atheism and Agnosticism.


The economy of Minot is the largest economy of New Central Canada, followed closely by Regina. It is highly agricultural and industrial, but it also contains many governmental jobs. About 10% of the residents are below the poverty line, which is almost a three percent drop in resident poverty from before the outbreak. Most citizens are low-middle class, with some being upper-middle class and a few high-class. The city is a trading center for New Central Canada, and is considered the economic heart of the nation.

Notable ProblemsEdit

Minot has no notable problems other than the occasional outbreak of crime, residents in need, and minor infrastructure issues.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Notable Residents of Minot include:

  • Atwater McWinterbury, the President of New Central Canada
  • (other governmental icons)