Kirkland is a deceased character in Week 14 RPG created by User:Kirkland22.


  • Week 14 RPG


Although little is known about Kirkland's past, what is known is that he moved to Chicago from some other place in America before the zombie outbreak began and that during the outbreak, he was living inside an apartment with a balcony.


Kirkland was a man with an evident temper and always had reactions to the slightest occurrences. He may also have been a little naïve, considering that he was almost unaware of the zombie outbreak, though right in the middle of it in Chicago. He was easily angered, quick to respond, and quick to act. His actions proved his own bravery and ability to keep a cool mind under panic, considering his performance inside the Willis Tower (Sears Tower).


After Kirkland and Bruce ran up the stairs trying to fight off zombies, Kirkland was subdued by a large Banshee and killed gorily. He had attempted to rescue Colton and his friend Jamie, as per Wolf's request. The Banshee who killed Kirkland was immediately killed by Wolf after the gory death of Kirkland.