Gokua is a character in the Week 14 RPG created by User:Ghost Nappa.

Pre-Week 14 Edit

Before the Walkers Syndrome had spread, Gokua had lived a peaceful, but boring, life in the fields of Kentucky. His mom had been killed and ripped apart by an Alpha-Male, and his brother, eaten alive.

Gokua was on his own for at least a month. But then he met Group 13. The people that would change his life.

Gokua - Week 14Edit

A few months later, Gokua had made friends with lots of the members. Including, Colton, Gamma, Dedledorf, and many others. The only member he did not trust, who did not really seem to be a member, was Wolf.

Gokua's weapons had been, a flamethrower (Wolf was surprised Gokua could hold something like that) and a shotgun.

Since then, he has been with Group 13 on the trail to a safe place, called Chicago.


"Now I know what you're thinkin' Bruce. Did I fire six shots? Or only five?" - Gokua to Bruce (line taken from Clint Eastwood movie).

"What the hell, WOMAN?!"

"It's like I can't have any fun without being slapped."