Chad and Cayla are characters in the Week 14 RPG, as well as the side-story, Bruce Fairhope – The Days After Group 13, created by User:Kirkland22. Chad is deceased, survived by Cayla, his sister.


  • Week 14 RPG
  • Bruce Fairhope – The Days After Group 13


Chad and his sister Cayla were in their early-20s and came from Shreveport, Louisiana. The two of them, before joining Group 13, were part of a Remnant group led by Lieutenant Jack Johnson with whom they had joined after their family in Shreveport had fallen to the zombie outbreak.

Mid-Outbreak & Group 13Edit

Chad and Cayla joined Group 13 after their leader Jack had been killed in a giant zombie battle. The two of them remained in Group 13 for a while, getting acquainted with the members, especially Bruce.

Leaving Group 13 & Chad's DeathEdit

After several weeks in Group 13, Chad and Cayla left with Bruce to lead a more peaceful and free-of-conflict life back in their hometown of Shreveport. The three of them left, flying a plane to Shreveport and almost crashing upon landing. The city of Shreveport was quickly invaded by a gang of thieves, who got into a conflict with Bruce, Chad, and Cayla, which ended up in the shooting death of Chad. Bruce and Cayla managed to survive the tragedy.

Cayla's FutureEdit

Cayla stayed with Bruce after Chad's death, and was last mentioned getting engaged to him and becoming a school teacher at a school near Bossier City, Louisiana.


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