13 Weeks is an unreleased book of the Week 14 Universe, being worked on by the creator of the series, who at this time has declined to let his name be put on the Wiki. This upcoming, unreleased book is due for a release date of from 2012 to 2014, but there has been no official date decided on.

The story is done in a day-by-day format from Sam Jackson's perspective, and will follow his life and not deviate from it.

Plot SummaryEdit

13 Weeks will follow the life of Sam Jackson during the first thirteen weeks of the outbreak of Walkers Syndrome and his journey across the continent, the people he meets, and the world that is now in constant shifting. He will encounter fledgling nations growing out of the collapse of America, people struggling for survival, military units fighting the infection, and horrors beyond current belief.


  • Sam Jackson, the main character. He is journeying across the country to Chicago, to live with family, but his journey there may be interrupted, leading to a different one.
  • Dickenson Family, the family of Oliver and Claudia Dickenson. Oliver is a police officer, married to Claudia Dickenson, with two children - Amy Dickenson and Joseph Dickenson. Amy Dickenson is a major character.
  • Jim Young, an Asian man working in Clearfield Hospital, who makes a quick friendship with Sam Jackson. Accompanies him. Was a nurse.
  • Daniels Brothers, two twins (Derrick and Mick) who are the make-shift leaders of the group in Clearfield Hospital.
  • Davy Harolds, an ex-construction worker in Clearfield, in the hospital to help the survivors after the city of Clearfield fell.
  • Charlie Jackson, Sam's father, deceased. Worked on the virus.

Current ProgressEdit

As of February 2nd, 2011, at 3:22 PM there are 26,920 words, with 40 pages. The story is currently on the fifth day of the outbreak. Progress is going well.